About a Hiace from 1960 through 1990

It is 1967 that a Hiace appeared. I was known as a minivan on behalf of Japan for many years with the Nissan caravans where I appeared from that time. I am used as a vehicle for a company car and the business well so that many people know it in current Hiace 200 system because I am distinguished for load capacity, and the durability is superior.
The thing of the short wheelbase and the thing of the truck version were included in a lineup early, too, but these models disappear now. It is the fifth generation in current 200 system Hiaces, but there are many points that are strange considerably with the 70s, and it seems to be often said that the design of the model at the time is liked toward the enthusiast in the early stage of 60s.
The design of the Hiace becomes more individual in the 80s, and a front light becomes two things of the round shape. This cute design became the pronoun of the Hiace at the time and greatly contributed to the company car which was often roughness, the image called the vehicle for the business doing the image of the strong Hiace attractively from the other area.
A model of the Hiace who appeared in the 90s is a car model recording an each generation number one longtime seller to date. The design almost approaches to a current 200 system Hiace, and it may be said that it is the model that established the style of the present Hiace.

About the Japanese used cars, such as Hiace van, Hiace wagon and so on.